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Hi I’m Sam, a personal trainer, cook and soon-to-be qualified nutritionist. My absolute love of food and cooking, paired with my desire to help people get healthy, is what prompted me to study nutrition. I love everything about food! Growing, harvesting, cooking, preserving, culturing, especially eating! I preserve and ferment my own foods and also culture kefir and kombucha in my kitchen! Much to my partners dismay…

You know how we all have that one friend that just doesn’t stop eating? Well that’s me! I’m that friend!

I always carry food and water- I have at least 3 litres of water everyday, it’s so important to stay hydrated, especially when your days are jam packed!


I’m up everyday at 5.30- 6am to see my clients, I work with my partner, Ivan, in his PT studio- ISFit Potts Point ( I start the day by cleaning my face and brushing my teeth to freshen up, then have a big glass of filtered water and a glass of kombucha, before I jog to ISFit studio to set up for client number one.


After my early clients I’ll head home to make breakfast, this is my favorite meal of the day! I’m all about chia pudding, especially if it’s paired with a nutritious smoothie in a bowl and some of my peanut butter granola! The usual smoothie consists of banana, berries, kefir, avocado, protein and almond milk, chia pudding on the side and topped with fresh fruit form the markets and homemade granola.

chia smoothie bowl

If I feel like something savory I’ll whip up my lentil and bean shakshuka with turmeric, harissa, thyme and nutritional yeast. This recipe is a new one from the nutrition guides we give to our clients at ISFit. I always make sure to have some form of protein at breakfast to keep me full through the morning.



I always snack around 11, if I’m at home or uni it will either be carrots with tahini and lemon juice, dried banana and nuts or a smoothie, my favorite is my cheeky monkey smoothie with a shot of coffee J If I’m out or at a client meeting then I will have my coffee for the day and a protein ball.


1PM I really enjoy salads for lunch and mixing them up with cold roast vegetables and fresh market greens. Today I put a whole pumpkin in the oven to cook through- this gives it such an amazing, tender flavor! Break it open and stuff it with spinach, watercress, roast tomato, thyme, goats feta, avocado and lemon juice, serve with grilled tempeh.


By 4 I’ll have another nutritious snack to sustain me through the evening. This could be my olive protein bread with avocado or cashew cheese. If I have a sweet tooth I’ll enjoy some of my healthy bounty… sometimes both! These give me optimal energy for my workout, evening clients and brain power for uni!

zuch bread



After clients Ivan and I head home and make a salad, or a quinsotto, always with lots of veg! At least once a week I’ll have one serve of organic red meat to balance my amino acids and keep feeling energized! I eat a lot of quinoa, it’s the only grain that has a full amino acid profile, so it’s very nutritious!


After dinner I sometimes have a calming peppermint tea and a glass of water, then in bed before 10pm! I love sleep almost as much as food!

S x

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