Hi I’m Samantha Elaine Wooldridge (Sam for short), Clinical nutritionist, Fitness Specialist, Cook and passionate health & wellness enthusiast. I believe in good food, the outdoors, supporting the local community, persistence, to-do-lists and dreams ♡

My passion for a healthy lifestyle goes way back- to before I can even remember! One of my earliest memories is my beloved Grandmother, Elaine, forcing me to drink green juice first thing in the morning- every morning- which as a child I found totally gross! But now is a much loved part of my daily routine ♡ Everyday Gran and I would take her 3 horse-sized-dogs for a long walk through the lush South African woods, often stopping to give me a rest and admire nature- her gorgeous soul inspired me to see beauty everywhere- then return home to the cottage covered in jasmine flowers, for a huge plate of greens! (Also forced at the time haha).

My family moved to Australia in 2001, I grew up in a tiny coastal town with a wild, free-range childhood and a huge garden that opened up to the national park. I surfed everyday, ran along the overgrown fire trails with our border collie at 5am before school, handed our neighbour his tools as he built a wooden boat from scratch, picked wild flowers and memorised every trail around our town. I adored both food and being outside so much, that Mum and Dad built a vegetable garden just for me- they saw the potential nutritionist very early ♡ I spent most days outside learning about all the different seeds that Mum gifted me and what they needed to grow. This life was a fantastic foundation, for which I will be forever thankful and is the pillar for my love of the outdoors and everything food.

After school I spent two years studying Fitness on the sunny Gold Coast, then moved to Sydney where a few health adversities, and support from my family, prompted me to become a nutritionist. I was working long hours, late nights with high stress and didn’t eat enough, my energy plummeted and I struggled with mood disorders, reflux, asthma and an irritable bowel. I saw a lot of doctors and they just couldn’t figure out my symptoms… Not one of them asked me what I ate.

One of my best girl friends was very health conscious and always surprised me with healthy creations. At the time she was experimenting with her food groups and mentioned how much more energy she had! This was a turning point in my life and I started to really think about the food I was eating, I became mindful, cutting out processed foods and sugar, adding fresh, whole foods… I started to connect with the food I was eating and made mindful decisions. Slowly, but surely, I began to feel better.

I hope to be that advocate of change for you.


M Y  M I S S I O N

Samanthaelainehealth.com is a gateway for me give you guys a little insight into my healthy lifestyle, and I hope that you will take a little inspiration from what you see and read here.

My chosen lifestyle revolves around healthy eating, exercise and mindful relaxation

Healthy eating takes pole position in my life, and as you’ll see, I’m an advocate of whole foods- local, natural and nourishing! The recipes that you will find here are designed to be healthy, tasty and nutrient rich.

My food philosophy is simple:

✧ Eat genuine- eat simple, non-processed, real foods- mainly vegetables
✧ Eat as few animal products as possible
✧ Eat mindfully- think about where your food has come from- try to eat local grown
✧ Listen to your body and become in-tune– when you’re hungry, eat!

Having a healthy lifestyle doesn’t just mean eating healthy- there are a number of factors to consider here- exercise, stress, food history, metabolism, emotional and social connections with food- your lifestyle as a whole including sleep and relationships. When it comes to our health everything is connected and everyone is different, it might take some help piecing together your puzzle but the end goal is to have you feeling happy, healthy and balanced!

Changing your lifestyle can be a challenging process and I hope you find the inspiration and motivation to do so here on my site, as always if you need a little helping hand please email me- I’d love to hear from you!

♡ Take loving care of your body and make conscious choices toward feeling the best that you possibly can- in every realm!

Be the best version of yourself, within that you find happiness and within that you find health

Everybody is beautiful, now lets get you healthy

S  x